How to buy

We work with the same stock as our physical store, and a simultaneous purchase may be made on the website and in the store. If this happens, we will contact you notifying you and requesting an order, exchange or cancellation of the product.

How to buy

To buy at Tropical Brasil store is very easy, fast and safe. See below how to make a purchase.

1. Browsing the store

Use the side menus to browse the departments of your choice. If you prefer, type the name or part of a product in the SEARCH field at the top of the site.

2. Choose a product

By clicking on a product you can view the details, measurements, price and payment terms. You can also recommend this product to a friend or share it on social media. Click on “BUY” to add the chosen product to your shopping cart.

3. Finalize order

In the shopping cart you will see all the products you have selected. Select the state and enter the zip code for the delivery address and click Calculate delivery to calculate shipping. Then select the delivery method. Click Checkout to proceed.

4. Login

If you are already a customer, enter your email and password. If you don’t have an account yet, click to register. All your data will be protected and encrypted because the Rancho do Surf virtual store has a security certificate. Under no circumstances will they be provided to third parties.

5. Choose the delivery address

You can use the same address as your registration or you can register another address of your choice. If you want to use the same address as the registration, just leave the option “I would like delivery to be at this address” selected and click on Invoice and deliver to this address. If you want to use another address for delivery, just deselect the option “I would like delivery to be at this address” and click Bill to this address. Your addresses saved in your registration will appear, you can select one of them and click on Deliver to this address or select the option Use a new address for delivery, so a new address registration will appear and you will enter the information and click on Deliver at this address.

6. Choose the delivery method

Select your preferred delivery options. If you want the order to be delivered quickly, select Sedex, if you want a more economical way, select PAC.

7. Choose the payment method and use a discount coupon if you have

At Rancho do Surf store we have the most varied types of payments, choose the one that best fits you. If you choose a credit card, rest assured that the information will be entered directly on the operator’s website, that is, the store will not have access to any information such as card number, validity or security code. All options are for online payment, except Boleto Bancário, which must be paid at any branch, or through your Internet Banking. Only after payment of the ticket and confirmation of the same will your order be dispatched, there is no need to send proof of payment. If you have a discount coupon, you can enter it and receive your discount instantly. After that click on Proceed to Payment.

8. Finalizing the order

After selecting the type of payment you will be directed to the page where you can make the payment or print the slip if you selected Boleto Bancário.

9. Order completed

After following these steps, you will receive emails informing you about your order.

10. End of purchase

You can track your order by clicking on the Order Status menu at the top of the website and see how your order is progressing. In the My Account area, at any time you can contact us, view your old orders, modify data and even make a new purchase of the same items from previous orders.


Try it now and happy shopping!