Payment and Shipping

We work with the same stock of our physical store, and a simultaneous purchase may occur both on the website and at the store. If this happens, we will contact you and requesti a new order,  an exchange, or to cancel the simultaneous order.


After completing the entire process and choosing your product, it’s time to close the order and choose the payment method.

A screen will pop up with the Payment Methods, and you need to choose one of these options.

  • Credit Card: You will select which card you will use to complete your purchase and fill out the form.

  • Bank Slip: Finish the order. It will generate the payment slip, which can be printed for payment.

After choosing the form of payment and continuing, the following message will be displayed:

Thank you for trusting us!

Your order # is: 100000000

You will receive a copy of your order with details by e-mail, with a tracking link.

Click here to print a copy of your order confirmation.


We will receive your order and after we confirm the payment your product will go through the packing and packing process.

Soon after, depending on the product, we’ll ship via post office or carrier.